Print Types

Find the proper print type that suits your budget and style


Originated from the early 1400s, letterpress is said to be the oldest printing technique. It involves a printing plate with raised design that is stamped into the paper leaving a beautiful impression.

Foil Stamping

Stamp foiling involves shaped heated plates that press foil onto the paper. It generally works well on thicker material, as the foil sets via the debossing and pressure of the stamp.

Foil Fusing

More cost-effective solution than foil stamping. The print achieved is smooth, rather than embossed.

Digital Printing

Digital printing is the process of printing digital-based images directly onto a variety of media substrates. There is no need for a printing plate, unlike with offset printing. Low cost, fast and efficient method.


Looks great on darker paper stock. It uses actual gold, silver pigment but it doesn't give that shine from foil stamping and foil fusing.
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